Andrzej Klimczuk

PhD, a sociologist and public policy expert, assistant professor in the Department of Public Policy of the Collegium of Socio-Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.

Co-author of the model and founder of the Regional Cultural Observatory, which is a node of a Living Culture Observatory in Poland.  Editor and correspondent of publications about computer and video games in the years 2002-2009. Volunteer for The University of Bialystok Foundation as well as Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland and Foundation Dobra Sieć. In 2011-2013 Vice President of the Foundation’s Laboratory Research and Social Action “SocLab.”

Member of Polish Sociological Association, Games Research Association of Poland, Polish Society of Gerontology, European Network for Social Policy Analysis, European Map of Intergenerational Learning, East European Sub-Regional Association of Schools of Social Work, European Sociological Association, International Sociological Association.

Author of many scientific papers in the field of gerontology, ludology and social policy, for example, books:
Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok [Social Capital of Old People on the Example of Bialystok Residents], 2012;
-Experts and Cultural Narcissism. Relations in the Early 21st Century, 2012;
Aging in the Social Space (co-authored with Łukasz Tomczyk), 2015;
Economic Foundations for Creative Ageing Policy, 2015 and 2017 (2 volumes);
Generations, intergenerational relationships, generational policy: A multilingual compendium (edited by K. Lüscher, A. Hoff, A. Klimczuk, M. Sanchez), editions 2015-2017.
-Selected Contemporary Challenges of Ageing Policy (co-edited with Ł. Tomczyk)
-Between Successful and Unsuccessful Ageing: Selected Aspects and Contexts (co-edited with Ł. Tomczyk)
-Perspectives and Theories of Social Innovation for Ageing Population (co-edited with Ł. Tomczyk).


  • Postgraduate 2013

    Postgraduate in Social Economy

    Cracow University of Economics

  • Ph.D. 2012

    Ph.D. Studies in Economics

    Warsaw School of Economics

  • M.A. 2008

    M.A. in Sociology

    University of Białystok


  • Present2007

    Independent Researcher

    Economics, Sociology & Social Policy

  • Present2014


    English & German

  • Present2005


    E.g., European Commission, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Poland, Bialystok Foundation of Professional Training, Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship, WYG International, National Forum for Lifelong Guidance Policy

  • 20132011

    Vice President

    SocLab, Foundation Laboratory for Research and Social Action

  • 20092004


    E.g., Sp. z o.o., S.A., Gry-Online S.A., Independent Press

  • 20042002

    Content Coordinator

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My Awards

  • 2016
    Scholarship of the Haverford Institute of Public Sociology
    For the 3rd International Sociological Association Forum, Vienna
  • 2015
    Scholarship of the Salzburg Global Seminar

    For the Session 540: “Aging Societies: Advancing Innovation and Equity”

  • 2015
    Honorary award for the presentation of the highly commented paper on the International Seminar on Active Ageing Index

    The European Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

  • 2015
    Junior Scholar Grant of The European Sociological Association

    The 12th ESA conference

  • 2013
    Award for achieving a high average grade of the course during study in the postgraduate course ``Social Economy``

    The Cracow University of Economics, Malopolska School of Public Administration

  • 2011
    Educational scholarship of Lesław A. Paga Foundation 2065 and Warsaw Stock Exchange

    The first edition of the Media Academy

  • 2010
    Bialystok Mayor's Art Award

    For 2010 year in the category of heritage for The University of Bialystok Foundation for lifetime achievement in promoting the city’s history

  • 2010
    Project Kuyavian-Pomeranian Academy of Global Education of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz

    Rozwój zrównoważony a kapitał społeczny i metody jego budowania (Sustainable development and methods of building social capital): winning article in the competition for scientific work in the field of global education

  • 2009
    III place in the V edition of the Polish Society of Gerontology prize in name of prof. Jerzy Piotrowski

    For master’s thesis on gerontology topics

  • 2008
    University of Białystok graduated with diploma honorificum